what if church was called jesuscon

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I need more fic about Clint twirling arrows through his fingers when he ‘s bored

you had me with the words ‘more’ and ‘clint’

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angels, man.

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I wanna be in that relationship were I can just do the stupidest shit. Like legit, dance in public with me, make faces at me, do accents with me, hell, make fun of my bad habits in a funny way. I don’t care, just have fun with me.


INTPs, in the zombie apocalypse, are likely going to be good with strategizing about ways to accomplish tasks as they arise.  Their quick thinking will probably prove helpful in getting themselves or groups out of complex situations. Their logical creativity and competent minds allow INTPs to be good in a pinch, such as finding ways to use unlikely objects to kill zombies.  They will also probably be able to assist their group in detecting flaws in plans and ideas, making the plans and processes better in the end.

In addition to creativity in situations, some INTPs will want to do zombie research, which would certainly be a growing field in the zombie apocalypse!  If they are scientifically minded and have a place still capable of scientific study, they may try to figure out a way to cure zombieism, or they may at least try to find ways to save the lives of those who still have lives, through science.



hey you

yes you

is today your first day of school? tomorrow? or maybe it’s your 50th day of school?

either way

youre looking great

you are going to rock this

i believe in you

youre gonna knock em out of the park, champ

best wishes, 


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  • me when it starts getting cloudy: yeees
  • me when it starts raining: yeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSS


Mind-blowingly FUCKING AWESOME Nebula cosplay by Karin Olava

dear lord


clint barton is my favorite avenger because he’s the type of guy to fall down and yell “PARKOUR”


the Potters were to Sirius what the Weasleys were to Harry